The Artist


“Within me lies a constant beat to explore world in transit, between the overall and specific, the global and the particular, through the world and inside of me.

There are times when I need to focus on a single detail as if I existed solely in that spot and other times when I must expand, merge, and surrender myself to the whole. It is as if I am working interiorly to achieve singularity and then switching states to evolution.

My art presents the paths driven by this inner need of find my place, my garden, my center.”

Déa Lopes


Her Journey

Déa’s work is a display of her own paths driven by her inner need to find her place, her garden, her center. She shares with us her findings through her art as a way to help us in our own journeys.

Fascinated by the traditional arts rich in beauty and in teachings, she travels the world to experience different cultures and forms of art. From Indigenous tribes to far away Nepalese mountains she has traveled to more than 40 countries.


Her Gift

The ability to see through a work of art can serve as a compass for the right path to be chosen in a person’s life. It is as if God had left bright footprints through Beauty for us as a path to follow. The intention of my work is to be an instrument of the Divine and leave these bright footprints for those in need, as others have left these footprints for me. 

Déa Lopes